We are glad to present a fine addition to the FORCES International Library: the latest book of Geoffrey Kabat, Hyping Health Risks.

As many of you know, Kabat was the co-author with James Enstrom of the study Environmental tobacco smoke and tobacco related mortality in a prospective study of Californians, 1960-98), already present on our Scientific Portal. The study demonstrated conclusively that passive smoking exposure is harmless. That finding unleashed the personal demolition of both scientists who dared published the revelation that, in essence, the “dangers” of passive smoking are a scientific fraud endorsed by corrupt health authorities.

Ideological dogmas dressed as science have no business masquerading as science.

Polluted rivers of ink were poured on Enstrom and Kabat’s finding, that revealed conclusively the prostitution and corruption of the “scientific” world of “public health” to fanatical ideology, and its devotion to scientific fraud and hatred to support it.

Now Kabat is back with a great book, destined to make ripples in the swamp of public health corruption with a fierce condemnation of the abuse of multifactorial epidemiology – a form of statistics that by no extent of imagination is science, but it is presented as such because its ability to show the “right” results is essential to the public health industry of fear, to the social engineers for ultimate cultural and political control, to the pharmaceutical industry for marketing its trash at incredible prices and with a moral justification, to brainless servant media to make news, and to politicians to distract the population from real, present and devastating problems.

This book is a must-read for all those who believe that they will die because of a whiff of smoke, or their children will suffer because of a couple of molecules of presumed carcinogens in a plastic toy.

But, mainly, this book is mandatory reading to understand the level of depravation of health institutions all over the world – a macroscopic social problem that FORCES has pointed out ever since it was created.

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