We are glad to present a new columnist: Mr. Andrew Philips from Canada.

Andrew is a Libertarian and he is not afraid to tell it as it is. In a world where hypocrisy, half-truths and outright frauds have essentially become the only information the mass-media allow to the masses, voices like Andrew’s are particularly refreshing. They cannot be heard much on radio or television, perhaps, but they are available on the only free information medium left in the world: the Internet.

There is a reason why, each year, we read that the conventional mass media are collapsing, conglomerating, disappearing. It is not the indifference of the people. It is not even the effect of new technologies. The overwhelming reason is that more and more people are tired of hearing propaganda, false information and sound bites, all pre-packaged in politically correct blather. The Internet offers truly free information.

Also, on the Internet, the mega-network that monopolizes the airwaves is prominent, and just as accessible as FORCES is. On the Internet, the bigwigs in white coats that tell you that “smoking kills” compete with those who expose their frauds and deceptions. Mass media speaks in a virtual monotone. The Internet allows citizens to find their own information, compare, and decide.

Here is where people like Andrew can be fully enjoyed – no "strategic" editing, no biased moderators with the job of making the “target” side lose while looking dumb.

Just the truth. Just the issues. Just Andrew Philips.

Click here to visit Andrew Phillips’ web site, and on the link below to access his column.



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