This Friday January 18th, in the city of Erlangen, Germany, there will be another demonstration against the Nazi smoking ban based on the passive smoking fraud.

The Bavarian Association for the Protection of Social Culture has called for the presence of all its members and restaurant owners of the region to protest against the fraud-based Nazi law.

Twenty-seven thousand have already reserved a place at the demonstration. It is foreseen that many others will join as the demonstration will take place in the streets of Erlangen. Bars, restaurants, and other social milieu will be invaded by the demonstrators, who will drink beer, eat, and smoke as they always have. The intent is massive violation of the smoking ban in an open act of defiance.

Furthermore, in the Assia region demonstrations against the ban will take place every Monday, when the law will likewise be openly violated as smokers exercise their rights.

In the meantime, in Frankfurt and surroundings, many locales allow their customers to smoke, in righteous defiance of the antismoking law.

Way to go, Germany! That is exactly what it takes to defeat the “public health” Nazis. The more we violate a fraud-based law that does not deserve any respect, the stronger shall we become. Restoration of decent society shall be complete when the bastards pay, very dearly, for what they have done.

Link to the website (German)

Link to flyer 1 (German)
Link to flyer 2 (German)



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