A new, independent German study drives yet another nail into the coffin of the Tobacco Control lie that smoking bans do not damage the economy.
Most antismoking shysters continue to deny the undeniable evidence that smoking bans destroy businesses wherever they are applied. No surprise there: denying real evidence and pushing fabrications is an essential feature of all fraudulent ideologies.

Some of the antismoking crooks go even farther and have said (more often in the past than currently) that hospitality business volume will actually improve because all those poor non-smokers (and their "poor," "innocent" and “defenceless” children) will literally pour into the locales made free of the hideous, deadly, evil smoke!

It never happened anywhere and it never will. Why? Because, apart from a few noisy and fanatical smoker haters, most non-smokers simply accept the wonderful smell of tobacco as both ordinary and unimportant, as has been the case for the last five centuries in the West, and far longer amongst the American populations. "Smoke-free" attracts no new business. "No smoking" is a "do not enter" sign to many.

The new study concerns Baden-Württemberg and Lower Saxony, two of the largest states.

In the first six months of the ban (which allows separate smoking rooms, so it is not even a total ban), almost half of the venues lost more than 10 % of their guests, and only 3,7% of the venues have more guests now. About half of the (remaining) guests leave earlier, which includes the purportedly ban-loving families with kids: an “impressive” 0,7% of them now stay longer in pubs and restaurants than before.

Note that those are averages. That means that individual businesses or city areas may be hit much harder, and indeed, dire individual reports are common. Smokers are staying home. Those that go out at all go home earlier. Night life, and its fun quotient, is generally subdued, to put it mildly. Lots of non-smokers go home earlier too. What’s happening in Germany is, naturally, what’s happened everywhere smoking prohibition hits.

So much for the legend that smoking bans do not hurt business or ruin employment and families. The damages from smoking bans are verifiable, quantifiable, and monofactorial damages. While all that is going on, “public health” fanatics have never demonstrated one death or disease uniquely caused by active or passive smoking.

When fraud and cancerous ideology becomes the currency of societies and institutions there is Hell to pay. Chickens come home to roost regardless of wishes, false information, and ideology. It happened in the Soviet Union regardless of seventy years of denial.

What is important is that smokers continue to boycott prohibition and false information, so that we don’t have to wait decades for sanity to re-impose itself, this time around. We don’t have seventy years to wait to light up a cigarette in a “public place." The time to defeat and punish the antismoking bastards is right now. If you aren’t doing your part, get to it, right now.

Link to the study in German below.



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