There you go: tobacco vending machines are "out", but marijuana vending machines are "in"! — for "medical use," of course! Keep yourself drugged-up in the junk science "therapeutic" society!
The therapeutic use of tobacco is the unthinkable, tobacco is all "evil" in the Looney Bin State, land of the hippies who hated ma and pa for giving them hell or coming home stoned, while having a Chesterfield dangling from their lips.

Marijuana vending machines are "in," now that the hippies are in power, as this MSNBC article reports, please note, without criticism. If the piece was about cigarette vending machines we would have been promptly reminded of the "tobacco-related" deaths that are not there, of the "social costs" that do not exist, of some rotten "medical" authority that says so, and of the denormalization (that’s Newspeak for "vilification") that smokers of the legal substance undergo thanks to the cultural engineering crooks of "public health."

Here, however, we are talking about what a lot of "public health" types like to smoke, so it is OK not to remind us that tobacco and pot smokes are constitutionally virtually identical — the only difference being that smoking tobacco does not make you dumb.

See, ma and pa, what we can do now that we have the power? … and that’s nothing, try this on for size: despite the virtually identical chemicals in the smoke of pot and in that of tobacco, we declare that the use of pot is "therapeutic" and "medical," and that it even prevents lung cancer and other cancers.

Naturally enough, the identical chemicals from cigarettes somehow don’t have any medical property and cause cancer — scientifically demonstrated with epidemiological trash in both instances! As a matter of fact, the lifestyle epidemiology on pot goes both ways, but pro-marijuana ignores that, even as anti-marijuana has begun to grow while spouting its own favourite pot studies.

The powerful (and demonstrated) antidepressant effects of cigarettes are to be hidden because Big Pharma wants to sell antidepressants and other happy pills, but the pain-killing effect that can be obtained with a myriad of pharmaceutical products is not good enough for the California hippies. Pot’s more fun! It’s cool, and as for rationalizations, it’s easy to come up with a new one every day. We learn from this article that pot is “therapeutic” for “anger management therapy”?…

The advocates of coin-operated dope peddling declare their righteousness, to boot: “The vending machine’s security measures would at least protect against illicit use of the drug"! Are they really saying that? Or have they surreptitiously put pot in our cigarettes such that we’re hallucinating?

We have to admit that one pure fact is demonstrated here. There is an epidemic of brain damage in California. Only the mentally impaired (such as antitobacco activists) could believe that "smoking kills" in the face of no scientific proof while also believing that pot is “therapeutic” in the face of no scientific proof.

Hell, who cares about science, anyway?… First, it is what we like that matters; second, we have junk epidemiology to manufacture the evidence we like — hence: tobacco kills, pot saves.

Light up a plain old ciggie, just to celebrate, that you’ll never be one of them.



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