Saying that the Tobacco Control Cartel has no shame is useless, because they don’t know what shame is. Thus the shame should fall on the authorities that support the absurd waste of public money.

The antismoking cons have made a “study” that “demonstrate” that the 245 million dollars they waste in false information to the youth are well spent because they “prevented 450,000 adolescents from initiating smoking”. It’s not over, the sick fantasy continues: “The researchers also found that for every $544 spent on the campaign during its first four years, one fewer adolescent initiated smoking”.

“ ‘Given the substantial lifetime health and economic burden of smoking’ – false information – ‘preventing adolescents and young adults from beginning to smoke is a smart investment in public health,’ said Matthew Farrelly, Ph.D., senior director of RTI’s Public Health Policy Research Program.”

Granted that public health types are compulsive liars and they exist in scientific and statistical fantasies and frauds, still this is pushing the envelope too far. No need to debunk this trash; it is sufficient to say that the arrogance of these people has reached the point of actually predicting alternative futures. How the hell can they even estimate who would have started smoking and the costs associated? This bovine political manure needs to stop.

But why, in reality, is this “study” about the “benefits” of deceptive antismoking campaigns coming out right now? Well, for every fraud to be credible, there must be a veneer of truth®:

"These results come at a time when funding for smoking-prevention programs in the U.S. is declining."

Isn’t that serendipity?… The parasites are turning their hat upside down to see if a few more millions might drop in.

On that basis alone the funding for smoking "prevention" programs should not decline; it should disappear until the antismoking cons can demonstrate that at least one death has been caused by smoking being the sole cause of death, or by supplying a measure of the contribution of smoking to that death. In the meantime, just imagine how many mouths could be fed, in times like these, with the billions of dollars spent to con the population – and those would be measurable benefits, not invented ones.

Happy smoking.



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