The following comment was submitted by one of our Members, and we simply could not resist posting it exactly as written as the author does well in comprehending the fraud and biased opinions of the authors of a "new study" concerning smoking and pregnant women.

I don’t even know where to begin to comment on the piece below. I highlighted some key areas.

Basically, smokers are "drug addicts" and if someone is pregnant, then particularly disdainful – yet through all the hatred thrown at them, these pregnant women refuse to stop smoking and may need to be classified as "mentally ill" – since after all they use tobacco which is a known anti-depressant, as admitted in the article – that tobacco has a "therapeutic effect" – their exact words. (It sounds like the former Soviet Union, if someone does not conform, then they should be put in a mental institution, as was the case back then – now come to these shores instead, since the wall fell and let it all out.)

Now, since there are no epidemiological studies showing that taking anti-depressants while pregnant will harm the baby, it might be as the "news" suggests, be a "good" thing to mandate pregnant smokers take antidepressants instead. (At least that way, pharmaceuticals could make some money from the situation, which will help pay for more of those epidemiological studies, like the one that spurred this latest "news" article.)

Of course the "news" goes on to say that "smoking is a disease" and must be "treated" accordingly.
It also says only "uneducated" people would smoke and keeps up the constant denigration of smokers – as is the course in all such "news" articles these days – to be as insulting as possible in order to drive everyone into conformity with authorities.

For a group of doctors who would gladly grant an abortion and kill a fetus upon demand without questions asked, to come out in this "news" article and say, ""Society’s responsibility is to provide a treatment. Because here you have two individuals that will be affected." – seems kind of counter-intuitive to providing abortion on demand – unless maybe that is "okay" because someone in medical profits – nobody in medical profits – not unless they can get pregnant women to take drugs other than tobacco smoking, which by their own admission is "therapeutic".

They go on to advertise they have done "studies" indicating taking anti-depressants will not harm the fetus, that after stating a litany of things that "might" happen if instead a pregnant person smokes – thus cementing in the reader’s mind – "antidepressants good / cigarettes/tobacco bad" – as do A LOT of these "news" articles based on epidemiological studies for some reason.

There is one promising bit in the entire article though.

Dr. Nora Volkow, who is the Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, is quoted as saying that, ""They are not just smoking to get the habit-forming aspects" – "On top of that, they are seeking the therapeutic effect." – thus ADMITTING there IS a THERAPEUTIC EFFECT to smoking – after all.



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