Mayor Bloombug: "This city will not back away from its commitment to make drinking as difficult and expensive as possible!

Whooops! Sorry…. I mis-spelled "smoking" in that quote. Ah well, nobody wants to hire or rent to drinkers anyway, right? And a buck a bottle (for beer that is… $10/bottle for booze) will cover the new SCHIP II costs for educating crippled children, so who can complain about it, right? And no one’s talking about BANNING drinking of course — just cutting down on the excess that hikes our insurance expenses. Cutting down on bars and removing alcohol from restaurant settings where people are trying to eat healthy salt-free nonfat food will send our children the message that drinking simply isn’t socially acceptable anymore. And it’ll be a small sacrifice if the elimination of alcohol ads means the Superbowl and World Series just get held in alternate years. It *IS* for the good of our children after all!

Finally, without alcohol the quality of life in the city’s public housing will rise significantly: alcohol is implicated in half or more than half of violent arrests and domestic abuse cases, not to mention vodka-fueled screaming fights drifting through the walls and threatening our secondhand health with lack of sleep! Increasing the drinking age to 25 will help a lot with alcohol-addiction too: Remember, regardless of the hype about tobacco, alcohol is TRULY "the most addictive drug" as people actually die in the process of physical withdrawal, despite Big Alcohol’s efforts to cover up the fact and pollute our airwaves with shows like Cheers and M*A*S*H. Yep, New York City can go a long way under your next few administrations Herr … er… Mayor Bloomberg! Keep it up!

Michael J. McFadden
Author of "Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains"



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