New York’s rabid antismoker Mayor Bloomberg has been vomiting numbers produced by his Health Department purporting to put Gotham’s smoking rate at a record low.
“Fewer than 17 percent of city residents now light up, the figures suggest, down from 21.5 percent when Mike hiked cigarette taxes to $1.50 a pack.” A five percent drop.

“Good news … ”, says the Healthist acolyte NY Post.

Correction, a drop in smoking is not "good news," except to sanctimonious killjoys and bug-eyed ideologues such as Bloomberg.

There is good news here though, for as the Post goes on to say, "Good news, if true. But not so fast", and provides some detail:

“Rather more substantial figures from the state Tax Department show that during Mike’s incumbency, sales of fully taxed cigarettes in New York City have dropped from more than 350 million packs a year to roughly 150 million — a 57 percent plunge.”

What’s this? Five per cent? Or fifty-seven per cent? What’s going on? The answer is simple: contraband — and here is where the good news begins.

“The state for years has refused to collect taxes on the more than 300 million packs of cigarettes a year coming off of New York’s Indian reservations — which smugglers affix with phony tax stamps and sell to retailers at massive profit. Many, as revealed in a recent report by Rep. Peter King (R-LI), channel those profits to al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas.”

May God bless the Indians, for making cigarettes that intelligent New Yorkers who know better than believing “public health’s” epidemiological frauds buy, and may He curse the antismoking terrorists for feeding their al Qaeda brothers.

Nobody knows how many contraband cigarettes New Yorkers are smoking. The Indians alone are selling lots more ciggies than the purported legal sales drop, while smokes from lower tax states such as North Carolina also flood the New York market. You’ll find them for sale from under counters and out of tenchcoat pockets on every blessed street corner of New York.

Bloomie tries to ignore that. We celebrate it. Rejoice, smokers of New York: you are not dwindling in numbers, and that means that you are not stupid. In fact, for all we know, you may have increased in numbers, for contraband makes it impossible to count you.

Let’s keep on growing in numbers, smokers of the world, smoking is not a “vice,” we are smart enough to enjoy life, and with the help of antitobacco, it looks like we may soon be the majority again.

We’re going to defeat the fascists. Then non-smokers who “do not like smoking” will be welcome to step out of our offices, shops, restaurants, and bars for a good gasp of “clean” hydrocarbon-filled air — a taste of their own medicine — and if that depresses them, they can always fill up with Prozac.

Then we are going to do to Big Pharma and to the other Big Bastards like Bloomberg what they have done to us. Will you savour that moment? We hope so. In that case, please help us to make it so.



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