In the world of stupid research this article exposes the absolute extremity.

We are asked to believe that denial of the risks of ETS by New Zealand members of parliament somehow proves those risks. We are told incidentally that an unprecedented 90% of the public believes that ETS is harmful: we are not of course told how this was determined — only that it is so. This article from New Zealand’s Scoop Independent News is laughable yet of value in the sole respect that it points out how grossly incredible today’s media is.

The media in fact reflects the mindset of the Health Cult generally. The risks of ETS are "proven" by blithering interpretations of fallacious statistical methods founded on the diseased practice of pseudo-scientific eugenics. As with the eugenicists of old, who instigated worldwide technocratic calamity culminating in the Nazi Holocaust, today’s Healthists consider themselves omniscient, infallible, essentially divine: their pseudo-scientific beliefs are "Truth", ergo dissent is falsehood, hence those who practice mere reason (the opposite to the fanatical ideology) actually endorse the "Truth" by refuting it.

Healthism is madness and it is today’s fascism. We are going to destroy it. Whatever it takes, and however long, we are going to destroy it.



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