Freedom lovers from around the world have succesfully united to raise more than £9,000 to free unjustly jailed UK pub owner Nick Hogan from prison.

Nick Hogan served only 11 days of the draconian six month sentence imposed upon him.

UK bloggers Anna Raccoon and Old Holborn were the driving forces behind the collection efforts to free Mr. Hogan. Anna Raccoon today has written some commentary today on Old Holborn’s blog in response to Mr. Hogan being freed.

The UK government has set this very day, March 10, aside for its propagandistic "No Smoking Day". From this day forward, "No Smoking Day " will no longer be a day of oppression and propaganda for UK tobacco users, business owners and freedom lovers.

It will be the day Nick Hogan was freed. With the help from some friends, Nick Hogan has literally taken back the day for freedom lovers everywhere.

There’s another coincidence today, and quite an ironic one. It was one year ago today that we at FORCES lost our beloved friend and leader, Gian Turci. Perhaps some things aren’t coincidences. Gian’s dream is alive.

FORCES thanks Nick Hogan for his tremendous courage and we extend our best wishes to him and his wife, Denise.

Coverage from the UK’s Daily Maily is linked below.

"I’d like to thank everyone who donated money to get me out of jail, and all the well-wishers who sent me cards and letters while I was behind bars. I can’t thank them enough. It’s wonderful to know that so many people feel as strongly as I do about the smoking ban and its impact on ordinary working people."

-Nick Hogan



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