The pharmaceutical marketing on smoking cessation is supported by smoking bans that Big Pharma pays for. We link to the always illuminating Clearing the Air blog. Huge BP financing of “grass roots” groups, and the dismal results, are documented once again. Read it and rage. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation pays off the American Lung Association, the American Cancer Society, Americans for Non-Smokers’ Rights, the AMA, and many others — to the tune of more than $200 million — to create the smoking bans which facilitate marketing of their patron’s trash smoking cessation products. This is a corrupt and criminal assault on scientific and governmental integrity and on the freedom of all of us.

Of course the “public health” authorities allow themselves to be lobbied and close an eye (actually both) to the fact that they serve special interests (in the name of health, of course!) while destroying liberties and economies. They knowingly give false information to the population on the effects of active and passive smoking on human health while putting hundreds of families on the poverty lists (stored copy here).

It is certainly not our intention to “shame” these entities into respect for integrity and fair play. We know they are contemptuous and criminal organizations. What they require is public disgrace and forceful disempowerment.

We are striving to awaken a sense of rectitude amongst the public everywhere in the world. Readers must join our movement, in active opposition to Healthist ideology and institutional corruption, and also spread the word. Support us in every way you can. Help us destroy this fascism before it is too late.



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