The eugenics game is a bit like American baseball with all the players, and umpires, on one team. The pitcher has just lobbed a ball across the plate, and the fielders looked askance at a feeble hit, so the runner could take three bases.
In a pair of “scientific studies” we’re told that high cholesterol, smoking, and drinking, can all lead to Alzheimer’s Disease, possibly with earlier onset, than for obedient members of the Master Race. The methods and conclusions are of the usual odoriferous kind. The message, as always, is that you must live a totally pleasureless life. With regard to smoking specifically, our regular readers will recall, epidemiological results have most typically indicated protection from Alzheimer’s. Lifestyle epidemiology as it has come to be practiced is purely misleading and as such far worse than worthless. Live reasonably and as you please. Eat, drink, and smoke according to your own judgement. Use the time you have on Earth to enjoy yourself and perhaps do a bit of good. Help us disgrace the eugenicists. There is no more urgent cause.



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