There are no buts about it: the “dangers” of passive smoking are a fraud in Prague, just like everywhere else. The Czech Republic is still relatively antismoking-free, but the disease grows there too, as this article from the Prague Post testifies.

The article supplies a small number of locales that have forbidden smoking, indicating that the cancer is still at bay, attested also by the lack of rabid rhetoric of the writer and the lack of fabricated numbers on the “mortality” of active and passive smoking.

"Lighting up takes on a new meaning at smoke free restaurants like Lehka Hlava", the caption says. The insidious subliminal message says the rest.

But the subliminal message (which is what inspired these notes) is already there, and it is in the picture and its caption, that we reproduce here on the right as it is missing in the printer friendly version that we store. Subtle messages like this are how the antismoking bastards inject the concept of danger at the early stages of their enterprise in a country, when their targets are still innocent. Let us “read” the picture together.

The beautiful locale, a child looking at a fireplace and a woman (motherhood suggested) tending a table. Caption: “Lighting up takes on a new meaning at smoke free restaurants like Lehka Hlava.” Innocent enough? No really. not at all.

The subliminal message to the Czechs goes like this: “Look, now that smoking is forbidden here, the locale is peaceful, beautiful and, especially, the child is safe. There is no other reason, in fact, to show a child in a clearly adult establishment. Media and public health, gently at first, begin to associate the absence of passive smoking to children’s safety, as a prelude to both smoking bans and to future accusations that parents are murdering their children with passive smoking, something that, right now, the Czechs would most likely reject because they are not yet properly “conditioned” to the hatred against smokers advanced by the public health bastards.

Ironically, the child in the image is exposed to more theoretical danger by standing a few feet from the fireplace than he is from exposure to passive smoking, although both are totally harmless. But in this case, the fireplace is meant to indicate peace. Go ahead, say that we are imagining things. So far, in the 12 years of our existence, we have been accused of that (amongst other things) by all those who decided not to hear or had insufficient brains to see ahead. But each time what we imagined became true and, if an error was made, it was on the conservative side.

Czech parents should not worry about exposing their kids to passive smoking; but what they feel will become irrelevant, for the ban will come sooner or later – unless strong political action everywhere in the world is taken against this fraud. By that we don’t mean just legal actions as, more and more, the courts and their judges are being corrupted by antitobacco. Although legal actions are important and should be undertaken, in some countries smokers turning to courts to obtain justice against state fraud and prevarication are already in the same position of the blacks in South Africa turning to the judicial system under the Apartheid: an exercise in futility.

The Apartheid in South Africa ended when the black citizens started serious social turmoil against the oppressor. The Apartheid against smokers in the world will end when they behave like the South African (or American) blacks during their struggle. You cannot reason with fanatics: you either become their victim, of you destroy them.



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