One of the most revolting approaches of public health is the use of children as instruments of its lurid ideology, as spies and as lecturers and harassers of their parents. According to public health, smoking a harmless cigarette in front of children means “violating them”; however, intellectual sodomy of children through the school system in full Communist style, with false information, family subversion, ideology and trash epidemiology is moral and proper.

Indeed, those who do not know morality see immorality everywhere.

Not much more to add to this powerful article from England, that we invite everybody to read. Here is a teaser:

"Once upon a time, not so long ago, parents were supposed to educate children in the ways of the world. But the Government appears to have turned that arrangement on its head. Now it is deemed the job of children to teach parents right from wrong.

A Department of Health survey reveals that a third of parents say that their children know more than them about healthy eating campaigns. This will come as little surprise to those who are aware of how sermons on eating five portions of fruit and vegetables, recycling everything and never bullying a fly have replaced religious indoctrination in our schools. "



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