The massage of "public health" is clear: smokers no longer belong in society. They are not welcome in public places, on the job, and as parents – even of the adoptive kind. This is the process of denormalization of a time honoured-habit for which not one death can be demonstrated to be caused by.

We are proud to be smokers, and happy to be different than what "public health" represents today, which we can neither respect nor, unfortunately, ignore.

The social damage caused by the antismoking mentality is truly unbounded. n this case, children lose the opportunity of having a family because of a false representation of the effects of passive smoke on health by public institutions. But it goes even deeper than that: only the non smoking Master Race can adopt children, as they must be "protected" from such a "terrible" display (the parent smoking!) — or they risk choosing a lifestyle contrary to socio-pharmaceutical engineering. How terrible for "public health", having people making their own choices! Such despicable behaviour must be prevented!

So, no adoptive smoking families for children anymore – unless, of course, the candidate parents can demonstrate that they have bended to the "right" ideology. Well, here is a ready-made excuse for you: children today are such an aggravation, aren’t they? You spend your money and your life to raise them, and you don’t even get to form them they way you want, as "public health" knows what’s good for them: form them into little health Nazis clones and even turn them against you as needed, so that the "health" ideology it can be perpetuated. Much better to keep on smoking — and to show "public health" how wrong it is.

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