Through the years, smokers have been analysed upside down and inside out because the propaganda says that they are “ill”, “addicted” and so on – but, for some strange reason, the antismoker type has never been seriously analyzed.

Stephanie Stahl begins to do just that in this video. The antismoker type who claims that he wants to “help smokers quit”, himself needs a lot of help because he is basically a sociopath, with serious psychological imbalances resulting from a conglomeration of personal factors – ego, social frustration, desire for control, mixed and disordered notions, stunted emotions, and much, much more – that lead to an externalization of socially repressive behaviour against others.

In short, the “anti” type is a social problem who claims he wants to solve social problems. As his positions are absolute so is his ideology and indoctrination, admitting absolutely no dissent or variation whatsoever, as Michael Siegel has recently pointed out once again. Thinking about it, it cannot be otherwise, for their mental confusion does not allow them to handle diversity so that – very much as with their Nazi predecessors, you are either "with them" or "against them" – and in the latter case they feel compelled to destroy you. Hence you become forced to choose between utter submission to them or utter destruction of them.

These people need help – professional and human. In a series of videos Stahl will examine these types – the “innocent”, the housewife, the neurotic, the ex-smoker, the controller, the moralist – and all the psychologically disturbed personality types that seek compensation in control.

We recommend that you follow these videos, to begin to understand the other side of this crazy equation. You will find the episodes appearing in our multimedia system, and also on You Tube. Here is the You Tube link to this one.



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