As we are in times of pathological delusion, someone seems to believe that making apples look like French fries makes apples taste like fries – just along the lines that ‘attributing’ deaths to smoking makes smoking the cause of death. Not so – and kids know that too. We give the word to one of our readers.

Attention McDonald’s, Burger King, etc.

‘ I’m tired of paying more and getting less for "health" foods. Watered down milk that cost the same if not more, for instance, and called "less fat".

Health nuts need to stay out of the government and let taste and price determine what people eat.

Obesity became a problem only after the nutritionists started their idiotic campaign to control what people eat, drink and smoke.

They had easy pickings, though, because people want to be healthy but don’t know much about the human body.’

… ‘Nuff said! Enjoy the fries. Apples belong to the vegetable store: why should they be bought at fast food stores?



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