Anti-tobacco is merely the most glaring example of civil society unravelling. Throughout our modern world the forces of oppression are working over time to bring every citizen under control.

From Virginia we have another story about how the "zero tolerance" mentality, kissing cousin to the anti-tobacco mentality, is altering interpersonal relations among young people who sadly will inherit a world of rigidity and joylessness. In Fairfax county all touching is forbidden. The slap on the back, a peck on the cheek, even high-fives are banned. It’s either ban it all or, so the school must think, students will be copulating on the lunch tables and bullies will be torturing their victims on the rack. No room for common sense in a world where "anti" is the highest goal. The victim in this particular story is a middle school student who slipped his arm around his girl friend’s shoulder but the real victims are all children growing up in a world run by nervous administrators and hyper-active lawyers.



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