This is essential reading, as it says it all about the public health passive smoking scam – and it comes right out of the horse’s mouth. How clearly do they have to put it for you? It is a fraud – but (literally) they have the guns to enforce it. Are you ready to submit? That is a serious question. Any reader who cares about the future, and wonders about what kind of dictatorship is going to soon rule nations, must ask himself that question in the privacy of his soul. And if the answer is yes, then he should give up any fight (and hope) and just go to obedience school along with his dog, because that’s how he is going to continue to be treated.

A few weeks ago we reported about the interrogation of Godfrey Bloom (IND/DEM), a EU parliamentarian to the European Commission on procuring just a few names of people who have been “killed” by passive smoking. This is also a very serious question — and for that reason it has been totally ignored by the mass-media, eternal "collaborators" with the public health fraud. England Expects reports the answer that Mr. Bloom received.

Read thoroughly and as many times as necessary to fully comprehend it (emphasis added):

“The Green Paper ‘Towards a Europe free from tobacco smoke: policy options at EU level" , refers to the estimates of mortality attributable to passive smoking in the EU reported by Smoke-free Partnership in Lifting the Smoke-screen: 10 reasons for a smoke-free Europe . These estimates are based on the international evidence on the level of risk posed by exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and the estimated proportion of the population exposed rather than individual cases of deaths due to passive smoking. The nature of the epidemiological evidence on all risk factors, be they chemical or other, is such that it does not allow to identify the victims at individual level but only populations.

The Commission is now considering several possible policy options including a possible proposal for a Council recommendation as a follow-up of the Green Paper. The Impact Assessment currently being carried out will provide a basis for the final policy choice. It will also provide further information on the impact of exposure to ETS on health.”

The answer demonstrates the correctness of what FORCES has always said about active smoking too, and it can be expressed like this:


The absurdity of that statement is intuitive to all. That, folks, is the nature of the multi-factorial epidemiological trash “science” (which, by definition, is NOT a science because it cannot establish causality): proof, reality and verification are simply not in its book. That is the “science” that the WHO and “public health” authorities have embraced all over the world: a schizophrenic, dishonest opinion; a guess work expressed in unverifiable numbers.

It follows that governments, the WHO and its Big Pharma buddies base their laws, bans, propaganda, (dis)information to the public and suppression of liberty and economics on the imagination of scrupleless junk scientists who manufacture and fabricate “evidence” to fuel political agendas of pharmaceutical marketing and social control.

Would you believe (and trust and obey) someone who asks you to invest with him the equity of your house on the grounds that he claims to be a millionaire, yet he cannot count a penny in his bank account? Of course not, as that would be insane. Why is it then, that those who claim epidemics but can’t even demonstrate one death are trusted, believed and obeyed? Yet, that is what is happening in today’s deranged society.

Nobody has ever died of passive smoking.
Nobody has ever died of active smoking that can be demonstrated since smoking appeared on Earth.

Need more proof that the ETS “mortality” numbers are an in-your-face fraud? Here it is. As of January 1, 2006, the population of the EU was about 493 million people which, for ease of calculation, we round to 500. The trash figures of the Smoke-free Partnership claim that 79,000 people die each year of ETS exposure. In the US, with a population of 300 million, the claimed figure is 55,000.

Unless American passive smoking is different than European passive smoking (or we assume a different genetic human make-up in the two continents!), that does not square. If we use the American “parameters”, then the “deaths” in Europe should be 91,666. Conversely, if we use the European “parameters”, the “deaths” in the USA should be 47,400.

The anti smoking apologists claim that the figures cannot be precise (why not? If there is "scientific proof" there ought to be scientific precision!). Nevertheless, they indicate and “demonstrate” that passive smoking “kills” (better put, it "makes sense" that it kills because we think that it does – and we are the gods with power). But how imprecise can figures be? 12,000 people a year is neither small potato, nor is it hair splitting. To make projections à la World Health Organization, that means a difference of 1.1 million people by the year 2100! And how do we reconcile that with the fanatical, deranged statement of Tobacco Control activists that endless, outright suppression of rights and liberty (as well as economic damage and expense due to bans) is justifiable even if they get to "save" one life?… It is quite simple: logic and coherence do not matter; emotional propaganda does. Thus it is quite OK that the figures are made up, out of the sheer imagination of corrupt authorities; and it is "moral" that ignorant politicians repeat them for political gain, as they are too lazy (or too ideologically corrupt) to check for themselves.

As we said at the beginning, the “dangers” and “mortality” of passive smoking exposure are a fraud, implemented by criminals who turn it into smoking bans, and who literally command the guns to enforce that fraud.

Which also brings us back to the original, eternal question: what are you prepared to do — other than obey?



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