We are pleased to present this radio talk show from the USA featuring our collaborator and columnist Norman Kjono.

This broadcast includes comments by Iowans for Equal Rights (IER) directors Randy Stanford and Tom Coats, as well as discussion with IER consultant Norman E. Kjono. Mr. Kjono is not an attorney and the contents of the broadcast are not intended not be legal advice. The focus of the discussion is the smoking ban enforcement rules promulgated by the Iowa Department of Public Health on June 27, 2008. Other subjects include American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) ventilation Standard 62.1 2004 and federal plus Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule making procedures.

The broadcast included in this file has been altered from the original. Advertisements, news reports and weather forecasts have been edited out. All other related content remains the same. It is noted, however, that about the last minute of the broadcast is omitted due to a time delay between what is heard on the telephone during discussions with the talk show host and what is broadcast over the air. No content that would alter or amend the balance of the broadcast was included in that omission.



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