What happens when a radio talk show host who supports anti-tobacco, two state senators, a smoking ban advocacy group, and Norm Kjono get together on a radio talk show?

(Recorded in Des Moines, Iowa September 30, 2008) – The answer is a surprisingly convivial, but equally direct 47 minute conversation. This broadcast discusses the Iowa smoking ban in an interesting context: all parties agree the current ban enforcement rules do not work but present strikingly different approaches to a solution.

NOTE: References to “Representative Frank” and “Barney” in Norm Kjono’s replies to the host are to House Finance Committee Barney Frank. In the preceding hour segment of the show the host had been quite disparaging of Rep. Frank as a symbol of what is wrong with government run by political elites. Using that reference in a response was a way to say the host was hypocritically advancing big government anti-tobacco views, while objecting to big government about other issues.

WARNING! In keeping with the hosts anti-tobacco views two public service announcements broadcast by the station are included in this edited version. The announcements present a letter from a persons who smokes to the president about cigarette taxes and a one minute segment concerning childhood asthma and tobacco smoke. Those who understand the facts concerning anti-tobacco public advocacy may find those announcements to be an offensive attack on common sense, the integrity of legitimate scientific inquiry, and basic honesty. Listen at your own peril…!



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