Actually, most of them and not brainwashed by the antitobacco propaganda. The hippy generation believes that it can condition everyone to believe in legends with fanaticism in the same way it brought itself to believe in them.

But that may be a mistake. The young generation seems to be able to think for itself – and to dismiss the foam-at-the-mouth hysteria of the generation now in power on almost everything: smoking, environment, obesity, microwaves, lead paint. You name the issue, there is an alarm bell going off, a threat around the corner a monster enemy to defeat (usually an industry), death and disease lurking – all supported with trash science – and jumping the gun with science that is inconclusive at best. It really seems that that the baby boomer generation has managed to numb itself so much that “shock” information (that is ever more “shocking” every day) is needed to shake – just for a few minutes – individuals from intellectual sleep and stupor.

But there is hope for the new generation – at least if we read pieces like this by young Jordan Rothman. An article loaded with balance and common sense, a refreshing periscope out of the sea of mass-hysteria and demonization.

"The strategies employed by the anti-smoking advocates are both unethical and wrong. … The tobacco companies themselves are not the evil corporations that everyone tries to make them out to be. They are just like any other ordinary firm that is trying to compete and make a profit in the global economy. They employ thousands of people, add to the economic activity of our country, and have a number of positive effects on the nation. … So next time you see one of those “truth” advertisements on television or badmouth the tobacco corporations, just think about the whole debate differently. The anti-tobacco people are the ones using smoke and mirrors to convince gullible people of the apparent evils of the tobacco corporations."

The entire piece is a return to reality and common sense – read that, middle-aged hippies on both sides of the fence, and learn from today’s youth what you could not learn in your own youth. You may yet fail in your attempt to mould the young into your own image of nihilism and negation of joy, and life is way more than alleged statistical years. The "anti" mentality may die with you in spite of the billions of dollars wasted in social and cultural engineering.

Wouldn’t that be a great salvation for humanity! We’ll light a smoke up to that thought.



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