This is just a follow-up to what we knew all along: public health is a professional liar on smoking. In this case, public health institutions of Scotland. But sometimes it is fun to report non-news.

"New data published by Christopher Snowdon over at his blog Velvet Glove Iron Fist reveal that the conclusion by Pell et al. (published in the New England Journal of Medicine in July 2008) that hospital admissions for acute coronary syndrome in Scotland fell by 17% after implementation of the national smoking ban is incorrect," says Dr. Michael Siegel.

The data presented by Pell et al. were incomplete in four major ways. First, they only reported data for the 10-month period preceding the smoking ban and the same 10-month period following the ban. The two months immediately following the ban were ignored, as were the same two months in the previous year. Second, Pell et al. only presented data for 10 months, which does not allow enough time to determine whether the observed trends were real (sustained) or just statistical artifacts. Third, Pell et al. did not go back in time to examine the baseline trends in acute coronary syndrome admissions. Finally, the study only examined data for a sample of hospitals in Scotland, not for the entire country.”

In short and succinct terms, the study is a con job, and the Scottish public health is a gangster. We have known that since last July when we put this trash study in the "Outright Fraud?" section of our scientific portal. Dr. Siegel concludes:

“In other words, the value of scientific accuracy and scientific integrity is no longer recognized in the movement.”

Expecting honest, scientific accuracy from public health institutions – especially when it comes to lifestyle control – is like expecting honest thieves. It just does not make sense, because science has nothing to do with tyranny and control.

As we said, nothing new to report.



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