The Canadian Non Smokers’ Rights Association has no credibility and no positive reputation whatsoever. Nevertheless, that is no excuse for libel. After removing defamatory assertions against the Canadian Libertarian group C.A.G.E. from its web site, the NSRA could not resist the childish pique of anger, and it now attacks C.A.G.E. again, stating that It has “no reputation worth saving”. It also calls C.A.G.E. a member of the Flat Earth Society.

As if the NSRA gang itself had any reputation to save. Conversely, C.A.G.E. is well-respected amongst those who fight the public health Nazis.

A. The NSRA is peddling pharmaceutical nicotine to everybody, as every good stooge of the pharmaceutical industry should do.
B. They are systematically lying on the effects of passive smoking on health.
C. They are systematically lying on the effects of active smoking on health.
D. In both (A) and (B) cases, they are unable to procure scientific demonstration on the causality of just one death "caused" by active or passive smoking.
E. They are launching medieval-style witch hunts against smokers, demonstrating an intellectual retardation worthy of psychiatric attention.

They are just cheap bullies who have clearly embraced the fascist doctrine of public health, and indeed they inject that poison into the Canadian state.

Let’s put it this way: if the Canadian Non Smokers’ Rights Association had any reputation whatsoever it would be on par with that of Mussolini. There is just one difference: Mussolini at least built a nation; the NSRA is building a national sewer network of hatred and lies, which is good only for the purpose that any sewer has. It carries the same stench and is composed of noxious waste.

Some reputation indeed! In the last analysis, our congratulations go to C.A.G.E. for having induced them remove to at least ONE lie from their website. That is not easy to achieve when what you deal with are the petty fuhrers of the Banana Republic!

In his commentary, Siegel makes the typical error of those who have no historical experience with Fascism and fascists. He argues rationally. He argues about the right of dissenting. “Do I agree with everything CAGE has to say? No. But I find that the group generally provides reasonable arguments behind their opinions. And I think that taken as a whole, the web site presents some important perspectives that public health practitioners should consider.”

Sorry, but today’s public health practitioners never consider perspectives that deviate from the orthodoxy Siegel and FORCES agree on very little, yet FORCES has welcomed Siegel to its Round Tables, while Siegel has even defended FORCES against the defamatory statement of the antitobacco fanatics. There is a reason for that: neither is a fascist.

One does not argue with fascists, it’s a waste of time. They interpret rational disagreement as a pathetic weakness. They laugh. They will not listen — ever. To be persuaded, fascists have to be waited for in a dark alley and “argued with” in a certain way… After that, they will respect you. Why? Because that is the language they speak, thus it is what they understand. There is no peaceful coexistence with fascists. They either command you, or you command them. That’s “peace” — in a fascist mind.

And – really – what do you think that antitobacco has become, Mr. Siegel?…



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