Crazy as ever, the US House of Representatives may be given limited credit for practicing what it preaches, for once.

Late last year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, inaugurated the "Green the Capitol Initiative" and as chief commissar she has kept the faith, starting first with the House cafeterias. Banished are fatty and foreign foods. In are healthier menus and locally grown cuisine. Considering that the Washington DC area yields no produce during the winter months Pelosi’s greening scheme is nothing if not ambitious.

The flacks who run the Capitol are, at least in public, thrilled with the new, low-fat fare. Staffers are mixed:

"Staffers are about as thrilled with this nonsense as most taxpayers will be when they learn that they’re subsidizing sushi, tofu, couscous and other pretentious meals for federal employees," said one Republican leadership aide.

"Most people here want a real lunch during a hectic day on the Hill, not organic noodles with nonfat soy nuts or a lecture from nannies and nutritionists," the aide said.

Pelosi, generally regarded as a failure as Speaker of the House, makes up for her lack of competency with an officious devotion to "health" in all its depressing forms. It was she who banned smoking from the Congressional lounge last year. While we don’t wish the menu from the new, health-conscious Congressional cafeteria on anyone, we do give credit to the nannies in high places who, for a change, suffer like the rest of us when government overreaches.



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