We have said it again and again, and we’ll never stop repeating it: like their German predecessors, health Nazis don’t know when to stop, they cannot stop and they will never stop.

Giving in to antismoking is useless – because it will not stop there, ever. Instead, there has to be zero tolerance for the health Nazis – just like there was for the original. And – again like the original – peaceful coexistence is not an option because they don’t make it an option. They feel that their mandate is to destroy your way of life and, if you don’t comply, they will destroy you – financially, socially, morally, as a parent and as a worker; in short, as a person.

With Nazism in general – whether it is the old or the new kind – the only choice you have is either to be destroyed by them, or you destroy them. That is an indisputable fact, on the grounds that the Nazis will not stop until absolute perfection (at least, what is perceived as such by them) is reached… and we all know that perfection is not reachable!

Health Nazi pig and pharmaceutical collabo Michael Bloomberg

This article from the NY Post is the umpteenth demonstration of the correctness of our assessment. Health zealot Michael Bloomberg, the pig New Yorkers have the horrible misfortune of having as mayor, started with a blanket smoking ban, and a lot of fools were happy because they did not like smoking (those who did like smoking meant nothing, anyway). Then came the prohibition on transfats, and everybody sheepishly obeyed. Now, here comes the prohibition of salt.

“The city has come up with a plan to help you shake your salt habit, according to New York magazine.” Interesting use of words here already. Very much like the smoking fraud, the abuse of the word “help” implies that people are trying – but failing – to “shake the salt” (ha, ha, how funny… very much like "butt out" smoking – come on, please, laugh! Don’t you see that it is intended to be funny?…), so there is a will there. Of course, these people are salt-addicted idiots, thus they don’t have enough will – here comes the helping hand of the state – through false information, propaganda and legislation – to set them free!

“In a closed-door gathering at Gracie Mansion late last month, health experts and food-industry representatives were told about Mayor Bloomberg’s next crusade – an effort to reduce the salt in processed food by 20 percent over the next five years, the magazine reports in this week’s issue. City health czar Dr. Thomas Frieden went as far as saying that high blood pressure, which is linked to excessive salt, is ‘the greatest public-health threat facing the city.’ “

Why is "public health" holding closed door meetings in the first place using public money for public business? Who did the bastards have to threaten off the record? Those are legitimate questions. And wasn’t smoking the “greatest public health threat to the city” – or has smoking fallen out of fashion? According to the public (and contraband) figures, smoking has not decreased in NY; it is just forbidden to smoke in public. But, what the hell, out of sight, out of mind!…

With an interesting choice of words Dr. Thomas Frieden is described as the “health czar”. What it is not said is that the last real Czar was dethroned, his kind expelled, his properties confiscated and his followers destroyed for what they stood for and what they worshiped… and history has the strange habit of repeating itself.

And here comes the last, sad joke: “Restaurateurs will be encouraged to join a ‘voluntary’ initiative and that there won’t be new regulations.”

Of course there will be regulation, because the will of people is to have salt – and that’s when the Nazis will jump in to violate it, once again.

Bring your salt to the restaurant the next time you eat out. Better yet, don’t eat out. There is a smoking ban in place already, remember? Have your transfats, smoke your cigarettes and shake your salt – at home and with your friends. Live your life as you see fit. You will not believe the money you save and with the current economy depression, nothing is more appropriate.

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