President Obama has appointed New York City’s anti-in-chief to head the CDC. Bad news, folks. The national Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will now be run by New York City Health Commisioner Thomas Frieden: a man who never met a ban he didn’t like.

Frieden is heralded by healthists as being the man chiefly responsible for achieving anti-smoking’s decisive Waterloo against free choice and property rights, the ban on all smoking in public places in New York City. He was also instrumental in making trans-fat (forthwith known as "artery clogging trans-fat" by politicians and the sensationalist media) a household word by imposing a ban on trans-fats in the Big Apple.

"He believes the government can use less carrots and more sticks to force us to be a more healthful nation," says Justin Wilson of the Center for Consumer Freedom. "There’s this kind of strange complex where he wants to turn the United States into a more perfect version of himself."

Of course, the New York Daily News is sure to remind us at the link below that The Center for Consumer Freedom is "partially funded by restaurant owners" which is quite unlike Frieden, who is 100% funded by the interests of Big Goverment.

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg heralds Frieden as the man who "deserves the credit" for being an ostensible saviour of humanity."There’s probably nothing any person will ever do to save as many lives as that one act of… passing the smoking ban," Bloomberg said.

Mayor Bloomberg can heap all the praise he wants on smoking bans, but lies are still lies, even when they’re told with an elitist and nonchalant disregard for truth. Neither Frieden nor Bloomberg has saved anyone’s life. Rather, they’ve denormalized lifestyles with social engineering for the sake of empowering the state over the individual.



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