Hilarious? Pathetic? Mental? Define it as you want, but here it is:

“Panic over childhood obesity has contributed to a dramatic rise in the number of teenage girls starving themselves, vomiting, abusing laxatives and smoking in an effort to shed weight, the author of a national study released today said.” Those are all bad things, of course – especially smoking – but the overreactions and self-hatred have been induced by false alarms and false models of “health” and social acceptability promoted by those false gods, the “public health authorities”. In times of sanity, youth should be given a message of acceptance to compensate – something along the lines of: “Are you chubby? You are beautiful! Do you smoke? You are sexy. Do you drink? Not a big one — take care of yourself, don’t overdo it.”
What youth get instead is panic propaganda, and moralizing by health authorities – those very “authorities” that deserve only contempt for promoting cultural engineering and statistical frauds. Talking about statistical fraud and junk science, don’t glaze over the words of this “authority”, who tries to minimize the damage done by anti-fat propaganda but — in doing so – stumbles on the truth: "There is a difference between [actual] clinical eating disorders and self-reported [eating-disordered] behaviour". “Self-reported” is the key word. What do you think the questionnaire-based studies on smoking are? If self-reporting isn’t dependable in obesity studies, it isn’t dependable for smoking studies, either.



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