Tobacco will not be eradicated anytime soon, no matter how much the antitobacco dogmatists try to make you believe that it will. They may not even believe it themselves but the zealots just can’t stop themselves from pushing for prohibition. Indeed, according to the article linked with below, 35 per cent of men and 22 per cent of women in developed countries smoke. In the developing world, it is 50 per cent of men and 9 per cent of women that smoke, and that number is rising as the anti-tobacco propaganda increases in absurdity. Eradication of tobacco use, after more than a half century of antitobacco harping, is nowhere on the horizon.

Smoking surely persists, but even though the anti-smoking zealots claim that they’re in the business of promoting health and "saving lives," they are unwilling to coöperate with scientific research towards developing a risk-reduced cigarette. Safer ciggies could really do some good but of course and as ever Anti is up to no good. Anti just keeps shilling for ineffective pharmaceutical nicotine. Big Pharma pulls the strings.

In the UK, British American Tobacco (BAT) runs a state-of-the-art science lab at which scientists do research and development for a safer cigarette. Antismoking lobby groups stubbornly refuse to give such research any credence. Stigmatized as evil sinners with no chance for redemption, the tobacco industry is condemned to work at the outer margins of academia: researchers and universities that dare accept any funding from Big Tobacco become victims of concerted boycotts from other funding sources and from their peers. Devotion to prohibitionist ideology, and money, is all. The health of the people be damned!

Similarly as the Pope preaches (stored link) that abstinence and fidelity, not condoms, are the only means to tackle AIDS, the antitobacco dogmatists preach that there is and can be no safe tobacco product. You must quit or die. Reduced-risk cigarettes are a practical anathema to today’s empowered zealots. Prohibition is the goal. If low risk cigarettes can be bent to that goal Anti may accept their temporary appearance on the market. Ultimately, Anti wants all tobacco products banned.

If it comes to that, of course, home-grown and black market tobacco will fill the void. The zealots tell themselves that will not happen. They are fools. Whether tobacco remains legal or not, people will not stop using the stuff. Count on that.

So why hinder any and every effort to make cigarettes safer? The Pope condemns sex out of marriage and Anti condemns smoking anywhere anytime by anybody. Once again: quit or die, that’s the message, Anti demands your absolute obedience, and that’s that.

Disobey, and more importantly, fight back! Help us destroy the vicious Healthist movement before it destroys you.



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