“Northlich [public relations firm] has laid off 27 employees after the Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation, a major client, was abolished by state legislators.” Yes, dear readers, the foundation is dead, so — wipe a tear — many an Ohio Anti will be pink-slipped in the days and weeks to come. Public relations, meaning vilification in the case of smokers, also entails self-glorification. Kathy Selker, CEO of Northlich, plies her daily trade in supplying the press with specious claims and braggadocio, concluding, “I can’t begin to express the depth of personal and professional commitment our people made to reduce tobacco use in Ohio over the past six years.”

With such absolute commitment to their ideal of a smoker pogrom, why you’d think Northlich, and its people, and all the government employees of the Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation would keep working selflessly without remuneration, as we do at FORCES, wouldn’t you?

Well, they aren’t, and the parasitic bureaucrats and propagandists who fed off the smoker-funded foundation may now be faced with the frightening prospect of earning an honest living. With no experience along those lines they’ll need lots of luck. We wish them none at all.

Every dollar the State of Ohio spends on something other than antitobacco fanaticism, no matter on what, is a dollar better spent.



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