The Anti coven in New York City says bans must extend to infinity, Mayor Bloomberg and the New York Times are in accord. It’s noted that Bloomie faces re-election, so he hesitates to say that he will first verify the fact that smokers are universally disgustingly intolerably toxic to all around them, indoors and out, before seeking total extension of the pogrom. This from one who long ago decided, and alerted the public (see “Mayor Bloomberg Flips Out”), that smokers imperil innocent New Yorkers far more gravely than Al Qaeda ever dreamed of doing.

Bloomie could find “scientific proof” that smokers can’t be trusted around white women, that they caused World War One, and are responsible for Communism as well as all the corruptions of Capitalism, in addition to polluting the racial germ plasm generally. Bloomie will find as hateful worshippers of pseudo-science always find. He’ll find what he already “knows.”

The Times, loyal familiar to the Anti coven, of course already “knows” the same, and cites the (uncontested because incontestable!) opinions of one of its mistresses that smokers are “deadly” to others always and everywhere while social cohesion and personal freedom have “no redeeming value.”

The paper likewise and inevitably extols the tremendous successes and universal popularity of all bans that came before. It is the New York Times after all. It must ignore that ban defiance is positively exploding in the city. It must ignore that New York smokers have defected en masse to the grey and black markets. It must ignore the truth. It’s the New York Times. It’s the proud mouthpiece of social engineering. Lots and lots of folks are figuring that out by now as reflected in this and similar newspapers’ ever-declining readerships.

The pogrom progresses. Fanaticism, and its apostles, know no bounds. Always rely on that. Because of that the continuing expansion of smoking bans hardly qualifies as news anymore. We report on the New York situation because more and more bans surely will come there and these will be seen as trend-setting examples.

The reports of increasing smoking ban defiance are true and they are consistent in coming to us from personal experience of friends and readers. The black market is certainly and inevitably becoming the total market in New York and elsewhere. The Times cites a need (yes, again, uncontested because incontestable!) for greater taxation of smokers. That will come too and the black market will expand even faster.

The pogrom progresses on and on. Rely on that. Rely too on the inevitability of ultimate reaction and confrontation. Smokers do not have the organization or money to take on the vast Anti machine in courts and legislatures. They do have the power to defy, and to amass, together with the wider movement, now famously taking hold, which means to destroy fascistic government and restore personal dignity and freedom. Decent Americans, smokers and non-smokers alike, are speaking up, fighting back, and taking to the streets. Join us.



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