For some Christmas cheer, consider the hapless New York Times.

The "paper of record" never met a tobacco tax hike or smoking ban it couldn’t embrace in its loving and lying arms. Pontificating from its Manhattan’s perch the Times has for a long time been either a gullible dupe or a craven sycophant in its echo chamber coverage of lifestyle choices the elite have designated as "unhealthy." Whatever its motive when Big Drugs barks, the Times hastens to convert the latest junk science bromide into today’s health news while fulminating from its pulpit about the sins of a humanity that doesn’t bow down to its message of enforced conformity. As hectoring Puritanism met its demise through the indifference of its audience the Old Gray Lady is heading now to the irrelevancy she so richly deserves. Norman Kjono attempts to save the old relic with some words of advice.



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