In Georgia, students may be forced to step on scales twice a year “in order to track the state’s population of overweight pupils.” Are they of the “right” weight to belong to the Healthist Master Race?
“It mandates that schools obtain the body mass index of each student and provide that confidential data only to the child’s parents or guardian. Body mass index is a health indicator calculated using height and weight.”

No, it isn’t. Body mass index is NOT a health indicator. It is just the ratio between weight and the square of the height. Unless it is extreme in either direction, it does not indicate a pathological condition in any way, shape, or form. In fact, people with a moderately high body mass index (very much like moderate smokers) fare much better when it comes to general health, indicated by the use of medical facilities.

It is the same as the epidemiological fraud on smoking: people with a higher body mass index are attributed the causality of more disease as a matter of opinion and prejudice of “experts” who have absolutely no scientific proof to base their opinions on. So, in short, their opinion is “science.” The fact that science based on opinion is a contradiction in terms is to be absolutely ignored in the twenty-first century.

There is more than trash science at play here – and it is the same old: control of the citizen through “public health”, the mano longa of both the pharmaceutical industry and that of its confederate neo-fascists.

“But state Sen. Preston Smith, R-Rome, said there need to be some limits on where ‘the long arm of government’ can reach. He [said] that if the bill became law, there would be a financial incentive to stigmatize overweight children.”

Of course there would. As a matter of fact, that’s the whole idea: fat kids would be picked on and humiliated by policy, to punish them for what they are. They have to learn when they are young that they are expected to be what the “public health” criminals want; they have to learn to conform to a standard that they never chose and that they never will choose because choice is out in the Health Reich. Instead, every aspect of thought is to be indoctrinated, by the ideology, and its “experts." Comply – or else!

Let us hope that those kids, when they grow up, will break every bone of the mano longa of both government and Healthism. Actually, let’s hope that they will chop it off altogether, with whatever it takes. It takes quite a lot to dethrone dictators, usually, extreme force.



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