Professor Robert Molimard is professor emeritus of physiology and coördinator of the DIU of Tabacologie to the Faculty of Medicine Paris-South. In a French language interview he has already denounced the passive smoking fraud. Recently he has written a paper about it.

Professor Molimard. More and more voices continue to come forward on the pandemic of corruption and conflicts of interest of public health

The title of the French paper is: Le rapport européen Lifting the SmokeScreen: etude épidémiologique ou manipulation? (The European Report ‘‘Lifting the SmokeScreen’’: Epidemiological study or manipulation?). The title itself leaves no uncertainties as to its contents.

"This report [Lifting the SmokeScreen] ends up with a large increase of the number of estimated deaths from passive smoking in Europe. Its conclusions have been decisive to passing laws banning smoking in public places. However, analysis of this report for France reveals considerable anomalies, such as changing the usual definition of passive smoking. Among the 5,863 estimated deaths, 4,749 concern everyday smokers. The 1,114 non-smokers include all the former smokers as well, whose remaining risk cannot be attributed to environmental smoke. Published data used for calculations come from polls, of which results are very diverse and not very reliable. The level of confidence is not discussed. Nevertheless, the number of estimated deaths in the field where restricting laws might be applied and efficient is so low that it makes you wonder which the real aim of this report is, and which conflicts of interests hide behind it."

Plainly put, the 147-pages European “Lifting the SmokeScreen” report is a fraud, just like everything else concerning the “dangers” of passive smoking. For a complete and rigidly scientific general description of the Great Passive Smoking Fraud, please view the video "Passive Smoking: An Institutional Problem" on our multimedia portal. The video has been watched nearly 11,000 times in a few months to date.

Indeed, people of integrity all over the world should help to lift the "Tobacco Control" smokescreen: a toxic smokescreen of frauds, false information, blatant conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies, deliberate deception of media, politicians, and the masses. This is the lowest form of pseudo-science, a twisted tool of propaganda specifically crafted to advance a fanatical ideology of micro-managed political control, cultural engineering, and suppression.

Those who perpetrate this incredible social fraud must be stopped. They must be held accountable. They have to be removed from power. They have to be punished to the full extent of the law – both moral and criminal. The political pressure against these crooks must grow large and hit hard – for crooks they are, make no mistake about it.

We cannot hope to have a global society that is just and fair when important institutions such as public health are rotten at the roots, morally and politically. The result of tolerating this state of affairs is globalized corruption and tyranny. For once, let us use the “children rhetoric” ourselves: if you don’t care about your own freedom and your own dignity, at least care for that of your children.

Do not leave them a rotten world dominated by dishonesty, white-coated mafias, pharmaceutical pushers, and totalitarianism. Do not damn them to Hell. Just sit back and you’ll accomplish this. If you’re a bit less selfish and insensitive than that, kindly wake up, and shake your apathy. Think. Not just smoking, but all our lifestyle choices, are under the gun. Will your children be happy in a totalitarian nanny state which can only be survived under the befogging influence of pharmaceutical antidepressants?

Wherever you are, please help us to fight the public health crooks and their pharmaceutical affiliations. We need your money, your work, your activism. Fanatical Healthism is terribly crazy, horribly vicious, and altogether intolerable. It will not go away, it will never stop – unless YOU make it stop.

The link below will lead you to the appropriate section of our scientific portal where the entire paper is stored.



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