Montreal: The Broken City – Demonization and deflection just won’t cut in any more.

Failing infrastructure, leaking water lines, gridlock, hundreds of bodies unburied, streetgang violence, and workers who won’t collect garbage. But cleaning cops have issued $1 million in fines, one in particular to a man who installed ashtrays in front of his buildings, which were then stolen and he was charged thousands of dollars in fines. He didn’t even know they had been ripped off. And the extortion racket (er, "cleanliness campaign") continues because if the owners don’t pay up the city will put liens on their buildings.

"And with so many bars and restaurants closing and others reeling, from revenue drops of 25-30% after the smoking ban, Montreal’s downtown may just die for good".

In other words, the huge problems facing the once beautiful city of Montreal are deflected, while the people themselves face fines and intimidation for smoking! The people are becoming contemptuous and that’s just one small step away from civil disobedience.

This recent article from CAGE is a superb expose of the true state of affairs in one of Canada’s largest cities.

And on a personal note , I have been outraged for 3 months now as the body of a dear friend of mine has lain in cold storage, along with about 700 others awaiting burial. What a disgusting situation (and one I’ve never heard of before).



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