The shameful suppression of the 1st World Conference Against prohibition used the excuse that the conference was sponsored by commercial interests. That is false, and does not obscure the fact that the suppression was a heavy-handed attempt to stifle free speach.

In fact, as we know, the only sponsor was a Seattle clinic. Further – and more interestingly – the same type of conferences are allowed when pharmaceutical grants are given to antitobacco. The antismoking gang, Smokefree Partnership, that protested to the parliament’s president about our conference is paid off by the pharmaceutical industry to mislead people and politicians on the effects of smoking on health, yet that seems to be quite OK for the pharmaceutical sympathizers of the European Union.

The letter to which we link, sent by a reader whose identity we have removed, demonstrated that Smokefree Partnership is paid off by Big Pharma and asks both that organization and the president of the European parliament the reasons for the difference between groups sponsored by Big Pharma and our conference.

Of course the answer is not forthcoming or, if it is, will not address the issue directly. We publish the letter only to demonstrate to our readership how the European political structures (and not only the European ones, unfortunately) are nothing but accessories of the pharmaceutical industry and its fronts, while selecting not to hear the arguments against the scientific fraud exposed by smokers and other victims of public health.

What must be understood, unfortunately, is that the European political system and most political systems in general have been allowed to become corrupt beyond the ability of the citizen to comprehend – to the point that the citizens who complain about some corruption are made fun of, if not called wacko. The moral and ethical inversion has come full circle: those who are the victims of veritable criminals and fanatics who, having reached the seats of power, have made laws to suit themselves and the agendas of those who pay them off, offend and make fun of the millions of honest citizens who, naively, turn to them for justice.

In short, criminals have become the system. The only possible remedy to such a situation is defiance, together with an intensive campaign of education on the political and scientific frauds that corrupted agencies continuously perpetrate in the name of health and environment. Either that, or utter subjugation.

The choice is yours.



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