Fat persons are to be denied any restaurant service by law according to legislation pending before the Mississippi legislature. Are you surprised? We have been predicting it for years. The smokers were the first victims of a Healthist ideology that seeks to establish a health-obsessed Master Race. The dignity and rights of nonconformists must be removed by any and all criminal means encoded into law. Papa Hitler is smiling in his grave.
Bill 282, Mississippi, presented on Friday 25 January 2008:

“An act to prohibit certain food establishments from serving food to any person who is obese, based on criteria prescribed by the state department of health; to direct the department to prepare written materials that describe and explain the criteria for determining whether a person is obese and to provide those materials to the food establishments; to direct the department to monitor the food establishments for compliance with the provisions of this act; and for related purposes. Be it enacted by the legislature of the state of Mississippi.”

Restaurants which served food to fat people would be threatened with loss of their business licenses. Not surprisingly, the bill was proposed by a card-carrying Healthist bastard: a retired pharmaceutical salesman with DuPont-Merck. Its co-authors are Bobby Shows, a businessman, and John Read, a pharmacist.

The right ideological stuff is there once again. Read the rest on Sandy Szwarc’s blog. Link is below.

The smokers will relive the recent past. The historians will relive their school days when they studied the first half of the 20th century, "Progressivism," and fascism. The Americans will relive racism, segregation, and prohibition. The South Africans will see Apartheid once again. The drinkers get a glimpse of the near future. It’s all in the name of "public health". If the smokers had "no reason to complain" then nobody will.

Or more likely many more will see that it is past time to join forces all over the world, to break the back of these bastards, their ideology and the vicious hatred they stand for, once and for all and with whatever it takes – and in such a way that there will be no chance left for the inevitable stinking bastards of future generations, to try this yet again.



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