One of our correspondents in Oregon writes an editorial to his local newspaper in response to Oregon’s Measure 50, on the November 6th ballot, which will raise cigarette taxes and will also become part of the Oregon Constitution.

To the Editor:

American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Lung Association: The war on smokers has enriched these organizations enormously. Huge “Master-Agreements” with Big Tobacco netted hundreds of billions of dollars for US anti-smoker groups. Portions of this loot,along with funds from Big Pharma Corporations eager to sell their smoking cessation products, have found their way into the coffers of these so-called “charitable” institutions. They revel in their newfound wealth, power, and influence. Measure 50 is just another opportunity to fill their pockets and enhance their power at the expense of the 20% of our population that continues to smoke. Big Tobacco is their favorite red-herring, to keep people from thinking about the real issues involved.

After spending billions of dollars of smokers’ money (NOT big tobacco money), to convince Americans that smokers are stupid, perverted, self-destructive and potentially murderous, these groups feel that we smokers are easy targets. They’ve come here to kick us while we’re down, steal more of our money, and then ask the rest of Oregon, (which will eventually pay for all of this), to thank them for saving our needy children. In reality, they don’t care about health care for anyone. Their aim is twofold: To snuff out smokers, everywhere, and to enrich themselves, their Big-Drug bedfellows, and their various "support" groups – like “Healthy Kids Campaign.”

The war on smokers is highway robbery, and these folks are scoundrels posing as advocates for children. Read, study, then decide for yourselves. An interesting place to start:



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