From a concerned anonomous citizen:
The way things are going, it will soon be impossible for smokers to light up anywhere but inside their own homes (assuming they don’t rent, that is), and many Canadians will be just fine with that. It’s hard to have much sympathy for people who knowingly poison themselves and those around them.

But Canadians should be wary of new anti-smoking regulations nonetheless. It’s dangerous to let governments pass laws that are far more restrictive than is justified by their stated purpose. If Ottawa’s council extends its smoking ban outdoors on the premise that it’s protecting people from secondhand smoke, it had better be sure of its science and be careful not to go too far.

We appreciate his sentiment but "science" is no longer required to ban or tax any legal product. What is dangerous is Fascism. We never learn from history on any topic. Hitler used the same science to justify banning smoking and killing 12 million people but that’s old news now, not chic for public to be historian’s. If it can’t be read on their smartphones they don’t care. If they wake up from their coma’s it will be too late.



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