As of May 31st, tobacco retailers in Ontario and Quebec are obligated by law to hide the evil weed under counters or behind closed doors. What a waste of those explicit graphics that were strategically conceived with taxpayers’ money to scare people away from smoking!
Is it that the display of the Tobacco Demons, diseased organs and rotten teeth, are too eerily attractive to resist? Are “the children” particularly entranced by the glamour of packages predominantly covered with graphic assurances of agonizing death? At any rate, the messages our Health Saviours simply had to tell us, now have to be hidden away. That’s how it’s going to be, Anti says, and if you don’t like it, just shut up and swallow it along with your Champix.

A cigar store customer is quoted in the article we link with: “This is a dumb law that only a moron could come up (with)”. Yes it’s dumb. In real life, everybody knows where tobacco is sold, and nobody ever was seduced by the sight of tobacco in a store display. As to “the children,” the fact is that when a kid wants to start smoking tobacco, he will. It is certainly not the marijuana power wall exhibiting different choices of pot that has many of them puffing away on a joint, nor the colorful cocaine exhibit that pushes others to snort!

We know it, you know it, and don’t be fooled, our ever-loving Anti knows it too, even while she cons gullible politicians into passing dumb laws like this one. The purpose is just more stigmatization, and just another feather, in Anti’s cap. The article describes considerable hardship to store owners because of the new regulations. Anti, and the dumb politicians who like calling themselves “health heroes,” don’t give a sweet damn about that. They don’t run convenience stores.

Frankly, from a smoker’s point of view, who cares if they hide or don’t hide the product? Who cares for struggling retailers who did very little to fight back for their rights and continuously parrot the “we know smoking is bad but…’’ claptrap? Canadian smokers know exactly where to get their cigarettes for as little as one tenth of the convenience store price. Buying bootleg gets high quality for a low price. It also dries up the cigarette tax revenues Anti thrives on, bringing closer the day when the professional vilifiers will have to find a real job or perhaps move to the next money-grabbing health issue.

The legitimate tobacco companies will move to greener pastures or recycle their business into smokeless tobacco or whatever else they invent to make their profits grow. They give not a sweet damn for you the customer. As for politicians, bad or less bad, they come and go every four years in Canada. Tobacco, on the other hand, no matter how much they try to demonize it, hide it, bury it, prohibit it, will always rise from its ashes. Canadian smokers can rest assured that the native people who cherish both the product and the revenues will make damn sure it does. So will the bootleg importers. Smoking and smokers are here to stay. Let that be known. Join the resistance.



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