Yes! It’s true!! Questionnaire-driven trash science says so, and it is consistent with previous trash science questionnaires!!! It’s a scientific consensus!!!!

“Teenage girls who are dieting are almost twice as likely to start smoking regularly as girls who are not dieting, according to a new study of nearly 8,000 adolescents. With boys, cigarette availability rather than the desire to lose weight is a factor in the decision to give smoking a try.”

“The researchers based their study on past evidence showing that body weight often drives people’s decision to smoke — one of the reasons people start smoking or do not try to quit might be because of the effect cigarettes could have on weight control.”

The implication is, of course, that the decision to smoke is a “bad” decision. Why? Because, based on other retrospective questionnaire-based surveys, the opinion of “experts” attributes the scientifically undemonstrated causality of diseases that have from 40 to over 300 other suspected causality co-factors to smoking! Should we say "back to the drawing board"? Of course not, we have to create a healthist cult – forgive, we meant to say a healthist culture.

With such sound and iron-clad scientific evidence, who can argue that smoking is a bad decision? Only sick, truth-addicted people like us.

Never mind the measurable scientific reality that smoking curbs appetite, that does not count, although it can be used to explain the “bad” decision, and perhaps to “suggest” a “cure” with some good-for-you pharmaceutical product that is not scoring well in the sales report. Also, never mind the junk science that says that smoking prevents Parkinson, Alzheimer, certain cancers, as well as improving memory and psycho-motorial activities, because those do not fit the political template to convince people into believing that smoking is bad and that the product pushed by Big Pharma solves all problems.

And – by God – let’s not even consider that young people may want to smoke because it is cool, it tastes good, it’s pleasurable and satisfying (thus perhaps keeping them from more dangerous ways to get pleasure and satisfaction). Finally, completely ignore that it is distinctive – especially for that youth that, today, wants to distinguish itself from its peers who are victims of (or dumb enough to believe) dishonest institutions that wash their brains and instill "correct" behaviours.

All that must not matter. Instead, how do we “cure” their behaviour so that they become weak links like us? By remembering the crooked foundations of the Marxian, relativistic thinking. All measures are relative – thus if we change the reference all measures change and we can claim that we have the right measure! Read: if we make everybody a weak link we’ll be all “strong”. Better yet, let’s reverse the parameters for effect: the weak links are the strong guys and the strong guys are the weak links. There you go: now we can “cure” them!



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