"I personally don’t read news stories about health or science. There are so many scare stories about the risk of this or that, you can easily become a paranoid hypochondriac by reading all of that junk. Reasonable precautions and moderation in all things are quite sufficient for reasonable health."
Syndicated columnist Charley Reese recalls Redd Foxx’s gag: "Some folks don’t smoke cigarettes ’cause they’re scared of dying of lung cancer; some folks don’t eat cheese or eggs ’cause they’re scared of heart attacks; some folks don’t eat pie or cake ’cause they’re scared of diabetes. They gonna feel like damned fools one day lying in the hospital dying from nothing."

It’s time for a dose of plain sense and for an end to lifestyle epidemiology eugenics. Please click the link below for Charley Reese’s cogent article "Use Reason".



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