We are glad to present to our readership what may be the best Phil Williams video yet.

Many of our readers know that the contorted idea of "passive smoking," as with most aspects of contemporary antitobacco, owes its origin to the Nazi era. The term “passive smoking” (as “passivrauchen”) was coined by Doctor Fritz Lickint in his book Tobacco and the Organism produced for the German Anti-tobacco League in 1939. (Doctor Lickint hated passivrauchen but did no formal study regarding its possible health effects. He also campaigned against coffee drinking based on his suspicion that the drink caused cancer.)

In his video Phil Williams imposes contemporary hysteria about wisps of tobacco smoke into the context of the year 1944. The World War Two Normandy invasion is in progress. Two British soldiers, in mission, argue about the effects of “passivrauchen/passive smoking." The lieutenant says that it is baloney, the soldier believes what he has been told by the media as according to medical “authorities.”

The argument heats up, and the believer sets out to demonstrate that Germans in a stronghold are all dead – not because of the bullets of the Allies, but because of a couple of lit cigarettes he has tossed into their bunker: after all, the soldier "knows" smoking kills, and passive smoking kills the same. As the Germans are certainly dead because of the ciggies tossed their way, what’s the use of being careful?

Both of the Brits, eventually, get killed by the fully alive and sure-shooting Germans, who presumably both smoked and "passive" smoked – because smoking does not kill. The moral of the story is clear: believing “public health’s” antitobacco propaganda eventually kills both the fools who believe it, and those who do nothing to stop either the fools or the "authorities." In his usual manner, and in the best tradition of British humour, Williams effectively combines an amusing approach with a serious message. As the video informs:

“Passivrauchen – Passive smoking: A lie invented by Nazis, resurrected by bigots, endorsed by corrupt governments, and believed by the foolish. Common sense will defeat it.”



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