It is absolutely natural that a hospital coerces the will of a patient, isn’t it? It is also absolutely natural that, after paying your fee either privately or through Medicare, you are denied the service you paid for because your behaviour is contrary to the will and the superstitions of the people you have paid.

What is important is that stuff like that happens to others, not to you – and everything is gong to be just fine. Here is a quotation: "It’s kind of a bad deal for smokers, but for everybody else it’s a good thing there’s no smoke," Homer Burton, Stevens Hospital patient. ” The “good thing” meaning not even that you can’t smoke in the hospital, and not even that you can’t smoke within 25 feet from it. It is that you are forcibly discharged even if you comply with the Gestapo rules. A health Gestapo representative, portrayed in white coat for effect and “authority” repeats the lies about smoking as routine, further insulting science and the Hippocratic oath that he probably never took.

And to paraphrase the reporter who, with a smile, lets the viewer understand that this umpteenth abuse is as natural as it is unavoidable, we conclude this reporting by saying that “after all, it’s a hospital, thus a nest of antismoking bastards. What else can you expect?” There is reason why the medical class always sided with totalitarian regimes, and this is confirmation. What we have to do is take the power away from it – difficult to do, but not impossible.

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