The man who many would say was the greatest opera tenor of our times, Luciano Pavarotti, died today at 5:00 AM Italian time in his house in Modena at the age of 71.

Cause of death was pancreas cancer. It is a great loss not just for Italy, but for the entire world. Pavarotti also received the UN Messenger for Peace award from Kofi Annan. His splendid career inspired the building of opera houses from Tokyo to other places in the world. Pavarotti was a cigar smoker and his “premature” death will be – somehow and no doubt – “attributed” to smoking by antismoking propagandists and “public health” authorities , whose trash science finds “links” – but never proof of causation – of tobacco with almost any death or disease.

We can almost hear them pronouncing the rubbish: “If it wasn’t for tobacco, he would still be with us”. The reality is, it was his time to go. But one thing is certain: Pavarotti has shown what a smoker can do – and what “smoking can do” to a human voice.



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