Keep popping those pills say the pharma stooges, even if they are no more effective than a sugar cube.
That’s the response to the release of a study where researchers in the United Kingdom analyzed 47 anti-depressant clinical trials and incorporated data not previously released by drug companies. The study concluded that Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) drugs like Prozac and Seroxat are barely more effective than sugar pills in treating most people with mild depression.

"The difference in improvement between patients taking placebos and patients taking anti-depressants is not very great. Given these results, there seems little reason to prescribe anti-depressant medication to any but the most severely depressed patients unless alternative treatments have failed to provide a benefit," says the study’s lead researcher.

While this study should lead to a reevaluation of the culture’s propensity to seek, at the aggressive urging of the pharmaceuticals, a drug-based solution to every mental and emotional problem that man is prone to, the industry is hauling out the heavy artillery to protect its investment. The national clinical director for Mental Health promises to consider this study when the government issues new guidelines for the treatment of depression. Until then maintaining the status quo is urged. The profits of Big Drugs, "partners" in every Western health system, will merrily accumulate while the quacks continue to prescribe useless, if not dangerous, pills to the suckers who believe the advertising claims of the international drug pushers.



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