“Fears of a fat planet overblown, skeptics say”, reports this MSN article. We agree, of course, and we observe that the “public health” cartel has not yet managed completely to control mass media regarding food as it has regarding tobacco.
The fact that the obesity “epidemic” is a statistical fraud, and that its “dangers” are trash science just as much as those of smoking is a given, so we will not dwell on that. Rather, we would like to pay attention to other important details, to what’s important here. Many may be questioning the "threat" of obesity. Few question the "threat" of tobacco. They all tend to think they’ve come to hold their views independently. In truth their views are largely induced.

Here’s why and how. First of all, the dissent. Why do you think that you can no longer even dream of reading a headline such as “Fears of a smoking planet overblown, skeptics say” in the mass media? Because "everybody agrees"? Think again. The “sceptics” who maintain that the propaganda on smoking is a public fraud are still there and actually their number is — fortunately — experiencing new growth. The real reason is very simple: “public health” has not yet managed to make mass-advertisement of tasty foods illegal. Therefore, albeit only occasionally, the mass media allow dissent to be published in order to appease food advertisers who pay a portion of mass media’s bills.

The intelligent criminals of tobacco control’s upper-echelon realized that, by obtaining tobacco advertisement prohibition (and replacing it with wall-to-wall pharmaceutical advertisement), the mass-media would rip unrelentingly at tobacco and smokers, because they had nothing to lose. That will be repeated for tasty foods as their products and advertisement are regulated to extinction. As soon as the public health fanatics can manage it, the fun food advertisements will disappear, and their place will be taken by "public health" approved propaganda (think vegetarianism), and naturally more Big Pharma nostrums bent toward weight loss and nutrition. When the social engineering folks take over in this realm, dissent such as that shown in this article will disappear from mass media, replaced with homogenous hate promotion and propaganda on phony “scientific consensus." It’s a sure bet.

Even now we can see indicators of that — which brings us to our second point. If you scroll down in the piece to which we link, right in the middle of the description of the dissent, you’ll see inserted three titles:

Weight gain increases risk of variety of cancers
Salty snacks equal soda-guzzling, heavier kids
Artificial sweetener tied to weight gain

If you follow the links you’ll see that they are connected to three trash studies of the requisitely alarmist type. Those articles — what a coincidence — directly contradict what is stated in the main piece. This is not likely a mistake. It’s too politically astute. The three pieces have been selected by hand — to "throw a monkey wrench," so to speak, into the article, by launching this hidden but clear “reassuring” message: “We tell you of dissent, but then look here: three scientific [junk] studies by institutions tell you differently. Should you believe the School of Cancer Studies at the University of Manchester, the St. George’s University of London, and Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana — or believe a few dissenting wacko doctors [implication: probably paid off by Big Food] who tell you that it is all an exaggeration? Believe the epidemic! Believe the consensus! Believe mainstream ‘public health’! Look, three studies versus one opinion (majority wins)!”

The hedge, and the fix, is in. Mass media knows on which side its bread is most luxuriously buttered (with artificial polyunsaturates to be sure.) We must understand one important thing: the dissemination of “public health” fraud and culture has reached very high levels of sophistication, and the “health advocate” shysters have adopted full-blow mercantile advertising techniques of the most blatantly bogus kind — of the kind, that is, that would send any private industry executive straight to jail were he to use that kind of “finesse." We are wise to the enemy. Doublethink is mainstream amongst health fascists and in goose-stepping mass media. It is now believed (although never officially admitted, of course) that false and deceptive reporting and advertisement in favour of “health consciousness” and fear of living is the “right and moral” thing to do.

We know better, don’t we? Have prime rib tonight, don’t forget dessert, top it all off with cognac, and a big black cigar.



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