It may be news to many readers but swimming with dolphins is an activity that many people enjoy, not only for specific therapeutic benefit, the focus of the article we link to, but also for its sheer pleasure. Pleasure is therapeutic for any human, but it should come as no news at all to regular FORCES readers that anything humans find pleasant, is displeasing to the Anti mentality.

Proving once again that there is absolutely no activity that prohibitionists will leave alone, an "animal rights" pressure group is crying that both the dolphins and the swimmers are courting disaster here. Brandishing the health card, as per always, the killjoys claim that swimming with the grinning cetaceans could expose the humans to brucellosis, a disease primarily occurring in developing countries, caught by drinking infected milk or through close proximity to domestic animals. Since this "health risk" is pretty far-fetched, the behavior engineers concentrate more forcefully on purported psychological damage inflicted on the dolphins and the violence (?) which might be wrought upon the human swimmers should they exasperate Flipper beyond endurance.

Of course the prohibitionists don’t supply any evidence to back up their "dolphins gone wild" scenarios, which doesn’t prevent them from implying that acts of mayhem have occurred. Equally bereft of evidence is their contention that the dolphins suffer psychological damage when exposed to frolicking and adoring humans. A spokeswoman for a charity catering to terminally ill children describes the "tremendous" pleasure these kids get from swimming with the dolphins. Many well persons, young and old, have felt the same. That’s what gets the banners’ goat. Human pleasure, unsanctioned by do-gooder groups, must be eradicated, as we have learned after years of dealing with the smoke police. As this story confirms, everyone who founds a foundation or a "society" these days has an agenda, and it usually has to do with limiting humans’ freedoms. What continues to surprise and dismay is that media gives so much press to people who want to shut everyone else down.



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