We don’t cover celebrity gossip very much but here’s a piece for variety’s sake.
British celebrity Anna Friel caught smoking by paparazzi in Los Angeles! Isn’t that news! The contemporary tabloids, of course, need to package the information according to the party line of the minimal intelligence denominator, so here it comes. Title: “Smoker Anna Friel reveals she hasn’t entirely embraced a healthy Hollywood lifestyle.” Text: “…She has been making every effort to embrace a healthy Hollywood lifestyle. So the sight of Anna Friel smoking a cigarette on a photoshoot yesterday was surprising to say the least.”

To use a word so dear to the antismoking trash, isn’t that “shocking”?…
Way more shocking than if she were caught having sex with a chimpanzee, we suppose, for that – according to the wacko Californians – could be an enriching fulfillment of sexual liberation, on the Left Coast. After all, what is to be expected from a place that has legally forbidden the use of the words “ma” and “pa” in schools, just in case ma is a pa or pa is a ma?

Photographic proof of Anna’s "behaviour" is provided for the sin and the righteousness: Anna smoking a cigarette, and then Anna making an idiot of herself jogging with “healthy” drink in hand and shaved muscle man “trainer” pushing stroller with child built-in in the background, to symbolize conformity with the sick Healthist way of life. That picture alone speaks volumes of how pathetic Californian ideology has become: deep inhalation of the Los Angeles hydrocarbons is good for you, as long as you don’t smoke, of course.

Be that as it may, Anna Friel did not embrace an unhealthy lifestyle, but indeed quite a healthy one. Think about it, in fact: smoking is the only “epidemic” which has never been proven to have caused a single death. Defying alarmist propaganda is certainly healthy.

Anna Friel, therefore, demonstrates some level of intelligence. While being portrayed jogging in hydrocarbons to market herself to the California idiots, she is not weak-minded enough to be conditioned by their false propaganda, their sick healthist ideology, and their sickly social hysteria. Kudos for Anna Friel.



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